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Vanity Collective describes itself as a salon built for artists to collaborate and share their work freely. Opened in the spring of 2016, Vanity Collective’s mission is to care for their guests and their guests’ beauty needs. Founder, Lindsey Gorgichuk, has been a stylist and colorist in the Parkland area for 8 years, so it was a dream for Lindsey to open her own space. After partnering with luxury brands she had solid and strong relationships with, she slowly built her team.

As a business woman, Lindsey was aware that a big source of lost revenue was color waste, and decided to try Vish as a way to monitor and fix that problem. Vish also complemented Vanity Collective’s current workflow. It provided, “a very good solution for a collaborative salon like ours, to have access to each others formulas when we need them.”

“Vish is a sleek and modern approach to weighing, tracking, and conserving your color business!”

Mckenzie Kreeft, @hairby_mckenziek

With Vish, Vanity Collective has seen its overall color waste go down to 11%, with two employees at an amazing 8% waste. Lindsey credits these improvements in their color waste to the functionality of Vish, “because when you have a saved formula, you literally don’t have a drop left in your bowl.” Lindsey also comments on the ease Vish allows when it comes to accessing and recording formulas: “If you have a client that wants the color she loved last summer, it is there at your fingertips. I no longer have to remind the stylists to record their formulas.”

To those considering Vish, Lindsey recommends taking the step to make the investment, crediting that Vish has become second nature in the salon. And not only does the Vanity Collective team love Vish, but their clients love to hear about it as well!

“It’s very state of the art, and makes them feel like we are taking great care of them. It really invokes feelings of five star service.”

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