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Changes City Spa has enjoyed over 30 years of service due to the loyal guests and community support of Norfolk, Virginia. What was once a children’s salon, has evolved into a full-service hair salon serving the needs of the entire family. Salon owner Norma Dorey’s inspiration behind opening City Spa came from a love of serving people, helping them look and feel great, and empowering staff. Norma’s dedication for employee growth is reflected directly by City Spa’s apprenticeship program, which includes free instruction and paid training to employees who wish to pursue a nail or cosmetology career.

When visiting another salon, the City Spa team discovered Vish. Shortly after that, they conducted an experiment in-house, having their stylists dump their color waste into a trash bag rather than down the sink. Every single one of the stylists at the end of the week were completely amazed and distraught over the abundance of waste they were creating.

For City Spa, Vish seemed like a great way to achieve more accurate measurements, and save on the overuse of product and inventory costs. Vish also presented a way to re-evaluate the pricing of certain services, as well as a way to motivate the team, bonusing those stylists with the least amount of waste.

“We have definitely noticed that we are saving on product cost.”


Since using Vish, City Spa has gained an awareness of over and under mixing. What’s proven to be most helpful for the team is the reformulation of color, and having access to the physical numbers needed to back up add-on charges. They’ve seen direct success in the team being more conscious about waste. City Spa’s current waste is at an amazing 10%, with 8 team members currently performing below this figure! Their average waste per service is $0.49.

The City Spa team is not only committed to providing guests with the best possible experience, but also gives back to the community. They credit their loyal guests, who afford them the ability to support the community and reach out for local causes.

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