The Smartest Way To Manage Your Color Business

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Eliminate Color Waste

Ensure exact formula composition and weight for each customer.

Capture Missed Services

Stop revenue from walking out the door.

Ensure Consistent Pricing

Eliminate the guesswork at the front desk.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Deliver consistent color service outcomes and price.

Automate Inventory

Know what you need when you need it.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Dive deep into employee performance and service efficiency.
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Why Vish

Vish was created out of necessity. For too long, stylists and salon owners have relied on outdated systems to manage color formulas, stylists' day-to-day workflow, costly inventory, and staff coaching.

These outdated systems have led to an unacceptable amount of waste. Stylists have been losing out on valuable services and support staff spend their time scrounging through coffee cans to count color box tabs. Customers are unhappy, dissatisfied, and not returning. We know, we are salon owners too.

Profits being poured down the drain due to archaic systems and lack of control of the colorbar are in the past.

Take control of your color business - Get Vish.

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"We've been able to adjust our inventory based on actual usage. Less waste results in lower spending on backbar. We have cut our professional COGS in half."

Andrea Swanson, Taylor Stevens

"Vish has finally enabled us to put our color usage (and cost) under the microscope, allowing us to better manage inventory and waste. Controlling professional product costs is essential to our bottom line."

Michael Nass, INDIRA Salon Spa