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How Vish Works


Select & Mix:

Open your appointment, mix your formula from scratch or stored history.



Refine your formula by subtracting leftovers for precise history, dropping waste to almost zero.


Charge Correctly

Exact usage and prices are sent to the front desk, enforcing all pricing rules set and increasing revenue by 15%


Track & Refine

The data unlocked helps manage inventory, coach employees, set your prices, and grow your business.


Integrated to your appointment book, all appointments and employees are available at the color bar and notes head back to the client record.

Complete Customization

Every Vish salon works with a Customer Success rep that sets up their unique system based on rules, product lines and user goals.


Any change is daunting, but Vish sets itself apart with its approach to training and launch support. Choose from onsite (recommended) or online and access a proven methodology for launching tech at the color bar.


Beyond technical assistance, all Vish salons receive ongoing coaching from your Vish Customer Success rep giving you personalized reviews of your progress and helping you identify new areas to grow your business.

Calculate Your Color Profit