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Transform Your Color Business with One Simple System

Vish is a powerful, yet simple and intuitive three-part system. Color formulas and service information are captured using a premium Bluetooth scale that connects to the Vish Color Bar app. Information collected at the Color Bar is then automatically sent to Vish Front Desk for a smooth and seamless checkout and then to the Vish Dashboard for analysis.


From crafting color cocktails at the Color Bar to measuring monthly analytics, Vish is a stylist’s and owner’s best friend.

Vish Color Bar
Meet You at the Color Bar
Vish Colour Bar
Meet You at the Colour Bar

Measure & Mix Your Color

Select your client in Vish and measure your color. Mix from history while utilizing formula notes or let your creativity flow as you craft the perfect color cocktail.

Bring the Bowl Back

When you’re finished, bring the color bowl back to the bar for a reweigh whether there’s leftover color or not. This simple act refines and saves the formula, perfecting it for their next appointment while also sending the final tab to Vish Front Desk for checkout.

A Stylist’s Best Friend

Stylists love that they never have to hover at the front desk and can manage all their work from the Color Bar app. Store favorites, track client history, appointments, and more, without ever picking up a pen.
Vish Front Desk
Automate Your Bar Tab and Generate Color Revenue

Set Your Own Rules

Vish is incredibly flexible and adaptable to your pricing structure. Based on the set profit margins and products costs that you’ve chosen, Vish will automate the calculations during the checkout process.

Capture Revenue, on the Rocks

Once the client's service is complete, exact formula and service details are sent automatically from Vish Color Bar to Vish Front Desk. Ensure you’re charging for 100% of the services rendered and product dispensed.

Integrated with POS

Vish is the only color management system that integrates with the leading point of sale systems, ensuring processes run smoothly without managing multiple databases.
Simple Yet Effective
Savvy Salons Meet Decision Making Data

From crafting color cocktails at the Color Bar to measure monthly analytics, Vish is a stylist’s and owner’s best friend.

Vish Dashboard
A Dash of Color Analytics

Track Product Usage

Drill down and review product usage for various services, helping to identify waste and lost revenue.

Understand Profit Margins

Inconsistent product usage makes it difficult to establish a standard profit margin across all services. Refine your pricing and waste management to protect your profits.

Empower Your People

Empower your stylists and help improve their performance by leveraging detailed data and analytics on product cost per service, waste cost per service, and more.
Profit Proof Your Salon
The System That Pays for Itself

Within your client’s first round of using Vish, you’ll see an instant 10-15% increase in revenue. As you approach the second round, you’ll notice a decrease in product usage, resulting in higher profit margins across all color services. By leveraging insightful data and analytics Vish will continue to pay dividends to your salon, helping you maximize your profits and potential.

Calculate Your Color Profit
Have Mixed Feelings About Your Color Profits?

Discover how one color management system paired with powerful analytics will help you increase color profits, eliminate color waste, and control your pricing.