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D Anthony Salon in Nyack, New York has been with Vish for just nine months and has been able to capture thousands in extra profit from color services per month. Owner, Derek Anthony, took on Vish in December, the busiest month of the year, and began to see results right away. Nine months later, D. Anthony salon is capturing over $3,000 each month and continues to drive additional color revenue using Vish.
When D. Anthony Salon reopened after having to shut down due to mandated lockdown, they knew they needed to be capturing 100% of the revenue that was walking through the door. D. Anthony uses a Vish feature that sets a threshold for product allowance for each color service, charging for additional grams of color beyond that allowance. In their first 30 days after reopening, the salon performed 551 services capturing an additional $4, 126 in profit through extra product charges.

“So much had to change when we reopened. With limited capacity and extra costs for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and plexiglass, it was nice that I could rely on one thing staying the same; Vish capturing extra profit,” says Derek.


Let’s take a look at how D. Anthony Salon has changed since they got Vish nine months ago.


Month 1 Month 9
Number of Services Performed 382 543
Extra Product Charges Triggered $2340.07 $4277.21

Understanding the numbers:

Imagine if D.Anthony Salon never implemented Vish – they would be missing out on over $4,000 per month. When they signed up with Vish, like other salons, they went through an initial onboarding where they set rules, allowances and integrations up. They then do a 60 and 90 day data review where they evaluate how those rules and automations are working and refine the system. For D. Anthony Salon, questions like: Why are certain categories performing better than others?
This process of refinement is all based on data and Vish loves salons like D. Anthony Salon – they make the data work for them! In the first month, they already started capturing thousands in extra product charges, and 9 months later, after review and refinement, they captured over $4000 in just one month – nearly doubling what they made in extra product charges in their first month!

Vish Doesn’t Just Pay for Itself

Most salons set modest goals of having the system pay for itself, but are surprised when it’s a money generator and can offset their color costs. D. Anthony Salon is a great example – they spent $4,922 on color in the month of August and with their desired markup, charged an additional $4,277, which when reinvested into the salon makes their net color costs less than $650 for that month.
The beauty of Vish is that it doesn’t mandate you separate your color costs from labor, it’s more sophisticated than that. It lets the owner set the rules and Vish does the rest.


The Future of D. Anthony Salon

Cost per Service Breakdown  Month 1 Money Saved in 1 Month
Number of Services Performed 543
Total Product Dispensed $4922.49
Reweigh Percentage 74%
Top Performing Stylist’s CPS $7.56 $816.26
Lowest Performing Stylist’s CPS $17.75
Benchmark $6  $6.00 $1576.93
Benchmark $5 $5.00 $2065.93


It’s common in every salon to find a great gap in cost per service (amount of product used) between the top performing stylist and the stylist who uses the most product per service. As Derek and his team did a deeper analysis into D. Anthony salon, they quickly realized this rings true for them, with a difference of over $10 in cost per service. Derek reached out to Vish Chief Innovation Officer, Tim Howard, to discuss strategy on improving his product usage making Derek the perfect case study of a savvy salon owner constantly in pursuit of optimal performance.

“This is a journey, not a destination. We have been working with Tim over the last month to make sure that we can keep growing and improving”, says Derek. “Tim helped us realize that we are still not where we wanted to be with product use and has given us steps to help lower our product usage. It’s great to see benchmarks from other salons to help you realize where your salon is at with color.”

Derek has set the goal of $5 per service using benchmarks from Vish and is looking to first get all stylists to achieve the same performance as his top performing colorist. Achieving that milestone would save the salon $816 a month. Then, he plans to take the whole salon even further to achieve his long term goal of $5 per service, reducing their overall product use by $2,065 per month!
When you add that to the extra product charges at the salon, it’s a total of $6,342 per month added to the bottom-line.

Derek says, “We’re focusing on our reweigh percentages now. The more we reweigh our bowls, the more precise our formulas become, and the more we see our waste and product use reduce. We’re excited to see what we can achieve over the coming months with Vish!”

To learn more about how your salon can reduce waste and capture profits like D.Anthony salon has, book a demo with a product specialist.

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