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Leveraging Color Management Technology Alongside Your Salon Software as a Small Business Owner 


Small business owners are busy building and developing their business, doing the books, and keeping their employees on track. It is no small feat owning a small business, let alone owning a salon. We get it. You’re working hard to build your client base, retain skilled stylists and run a profitable business reflective of your years of hard work. You are not alone. With the Vish innovative color management software, you can easily reduce supply costs at the color bar, increase revenue, and provide a better customer experience overall. Vish color management software easily integrates with most salon software systems already in place.


The Vish Product and Features 

Vish is a product that has been designed and developed to help salons supercharge their color business. Vish is one product with a three-pronged approach, improving efficiency, your bottom line, and client satisfaction all while helping you and your stylists waste less color. 

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Vish Color Bar

Color management software starts at the color bar. The Bluetooth scale and iPad interface allows hairstylists to easily store color formulations under each guest profile, meaning when they return for their next salon visit, you have their exact color formulation ready in case they ask for ‘the same again’. This is proven to enhance client satisfaction and loyalty knowing that their experience will consistently be top-notch and client-focused. Additionally, the Vish Color Bar reduces salon color waste by reweighing the bowl, post color service, with the premium color scale and automatically logging that change so that Vish can refine the formula. At the next service, you can mix the exact amount of color you need without having to mix more bowls mid-service or risk overmixing.

As a small business owner, even the smallest amount of waste can hurt your bottom line, but our average salon cuts waste per service by 50%. By using Vish to control your product use you can spend up to 40% less on inventory.

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Vish Front Desk

Stay up-to-date, in real time, on services completed. The Front Desk is updated with any additional service changes of add-ons while in the chair, what products were used, and any additional product charges all while the stylist updates the app at the color bar. Capture up to 15% more revenue by correctly charging for previously missed services. Our front desk app is simple and user-friendly serving to link together different departments, which creates efficiency within your small business. A well-functioning front desk system will allow your salon to consistently charge the right amount per service and avoid variance in pricing stylist to stylist. Moreover, your clients will appreciate consistent prices and they will know what to expect at each salon visit. 

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Vish Dashboard

Track your small business’s performance with the analytics found in the Vish Dashboard. This allows you to see which services are earning you the most profit, where you are wasting the most, and which stylists are mixing most efficiently. With opportunities to coach your team to improve key metrics like cost per service and waste reduction, and real-time inventory data to help ensure you’re carrying the right amounts, the Vish Dashboard will give you an inside look at your small business and help you make small adjustments for big pay-offs in the long term. 

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Benefits for All Salons – Big & Small


If you have three chairs or 50, salon owners should have a set of systems that makes more efficient use of their time, reduces workload, and drives profit. Take inventory couting as an example. Manually completing that can take hours but with the right systems in place you could be spending 10 minutes on inventory and then get right back to your clients. 

But don’t take our biased opinion, instead, look at the numbers and decide what is best for your small business. 

  • 40% Reduction in Costs – Salons using Vish saw an average of 25-40% reduction in product used per service thanks to our color management software and premium color scale. 
  • 15% Increase in Revenue – Vish helps salons capture all service charges which increases service revenue by 10-15%. 
  • 100% Satisfaction – We know your small business can benefit from using Vish, but even if it doesn’t, the offer is risk-free. If you don’t love the Vish product for your salon, return it in 90 days after purchase and we will give you a full refund. 


Book a Vish Demo Today!


Curious how Vish can work for you? Book a demo with our color software experts to understand the ins and outs of the Vish app and scale and how it can integrate with your existing salon software. 

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