How Vish Integrates With Your Salon Software

One thing has become clear over the past five to ten years: Salon software is non-negotiable. It has become more than a glorified appointment book or fancy cash register. It runs your business and enables the salon to run a 24/7 business, using sophisticated systems to allow for appointment booking, instant retail eCommerce, and also automates information to systems like Google and social media that allow new clients to find your business. Yes, salon software has come a long way.

But, until now, it’s done little to give the industry insights into what happens between the time the client checks in and when the client pays their bill and rebooks. And that, is quite frankly, the most important part. Vish is an innovative new tool that jumps seamlessly into the stylist rhythm to track formula’s, record product dispensed, and refine the client service record so, on their next service, the stylist has information to better serve them and mix precisely what is needed.

That in itself is amazing. However, unlike those before them, Vish also integrates seamlessly into the main technical hub in the salon – your salon software.

What does it mean to be integrated to salon software

Client List

Easily access clients right in the Vish app, which resides at the color bar. No more walking back to the front desk. Everything gets passed from your salon software to Vish.

Employee List

Each stylist will have their own account to track their services, access their clients, and manage their activity. This is all synced with your salon software so you don't have to manage two separate systems.

Service List

All services will match up to your salon software, making it easy and seamless to see what's booked and what is added at the color bar. This also gets sent back to the front desk so you can rest easy all service revenue is accounted for.

Appointment List

Manage your day right from Vish. No more print outs or crowding at the front desk.

A Vish Integration is a data communications link between a salon software system and the Vish Ecosystem. Using the communications link, information required for using Vish such as customers and services are sent directly from the salon software program to Vish in real-time. Vish is able to do this by utilizing the API developed and maintained by the salon software company. The partnership between Vish and each salon software company expands the efficiency for your overall business.

This means any employee, service, customer, and appointment that is created in the POS will automatically be reflected in the Vish Ecosystem, removing the need to upload and update services, employees, and customers.

Integrating Vish Color Management With Your Salon Software

Great news! All you need to do to get access to the integrations available is let your Customer Success manager know what software you use and they will set it up for you during your onboarding.

While your Customer Success manager is getting you set up and customizing your system before you start with Vish, they will work with your salon software system to get the specific credentials that allow data to start syncing. These credentials differ for each software company and must be matched exactly for a seamless data share.

If you are already using Vish but would like to access the integration for your salon software company, please contact the Customer Success team.