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Money Back Guarantee


Comprehensive Onboarding

At Vish, we’re dedicated to your success. We partner you with an expert on Vish, but also on hair color. We help you setup the system complete with your color line and employees, and we’ll also help with any of the technical stuff like integrating Vish to your Point of Sale provider and making sure everything is working together seamlessly.

You Set the Rules

It’s your business, your clients, and your techniques. Technology should never stand in the way of how you create. Vish was designed to allow you to set the parameters for what you mix, while ensuring the information on past services is right where you need it. There are business rules in the back-end for you to set your prices and rules about when to charge extra for excess product, giving you the power to decide how you run your color business.

Customer Success

Your customer success representative will be on your Vish journey with you, checking in with your salon to ensure you can see and understand your results. They will go through your Vish Dashboard with you to help you navigate decisions about your profit margins and benchmarking goals.

Supporting the Salon Community

Every new Vish user contributes to the thriving professional beauty industry. The Vish Color Community was created to give back, share insights, strategies, and color tips that help grow and strengthen your color business.

“I would typically mix 40g for a retouch. Now I’m mixing about 17g and there is nothing left in the bowl when I’m finished.”

Charmaine EdwardsCharMarie Salon

Point of Sale Partners

Money Back Guarantee

Are there any conditions on getting a refund?

The only condition is that you’ve used Vish the way it’s intended for a full three months so you can see the true results of implementing the system. We ask that you attend all of your training sessions and have at least a 90% reweigh percentage during your first 90 days. You’ll have a Customer Success Coach with you every step of the way to ensure you are getting the most out of Vish.  If after 90 days you aren’t making money with Vish (you’d be the first!), we’ll honor the money back guarantee, no problem.

I'm worried I can't get my team to use it. How hard is Vish to use?

Vish was designed by a busy salon owner that thought the same thing, so this was a guiding principle for the design of the system. Vish is the easiest, most intuitive, salon friendly color management system on the market. Plus, you have a success coach from the industry by your side to help you coach your team and get them excited about Vish. Vish stylists love that the system removes the admin from their daily routine and gives them control over their creative flow, while saving them time.

Do I get all my money back?

Of course! If after 90 days of full use you haven’t generated enough revenue to pay for your subscription, we will refund any upfront onboarding costs, buy back your scales at the price you paid, and refund your subscription fees. That’s how confident we are that you’ll make money using the system.

What if I use it for a year and want to return?

The trial period is 90 days to prove that Vish works. We’ll work with you to make sure that you are making money and seeing improvements during this time period and beyond. With the Vish subscription, you get upgrades and continued support throughout the entirety of your usage. You can cancel at any time, but the money back guarantee is valid through the first 90 days to prove the system works. If it’s working at 90 days, but not at 12 months, we’ll do a deep dive with you to get you back on track.

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