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There’s a common misconception throughout the industry that it’s expensive to introduce sustainable practices in the salon – a misconception we’re here to debunk. Going green and saving money actually go hand-in-hand! With a little creativity, and introducing the right systems, your salon can go green without going broke.

Stop Throwing Away Money

Every time you over mix, you’re throwing money away. In fact, up to 40% of color purchased gets poured right down the drain. Wasteful, isn’t it?  The key is to track what’s being used – and that’s where Vish can help. By weighing the color dispensed and then reweighing your bowl after a service, Vish automatically records how much product was used (and how much waste is leftover) to give you the whole picture, so you can adjust your mix the next time your client is in. Fine-tuning your formula is a simple way to cut back on waste, and as an added bonus, you’ll see the savings rolling in when you’re dispensing only what’s needed during the service!

Partner with Green Businesses

When looking for ways to go green in the salon, look for products and services that can help you meet these goals. You’ll quickly discover there are many ways to reduce waste AND save money. Here are a few ways to get started: 

  • Reduce your water and energy consumption with an ECOHEADS shower head. 
  • Switch to disposable towels to cut back on laundry costs (not to mention the amount of water and energy you’re using!). Scrummi is a great option.
  • Use salon recycling programs like Green Circle Salons for an easy way to recycle up to 95% of any waste produced in your salon.
  • Eliminate costly color waste with Vish color management technology. 

Get Your Clients Involved

People care about the environment, In fact, a recent study by the Sustainability Institute showed that over 90% of consumers care more about the environment now than they ever have, and are actively seeking out sustainable alternatives in all aspects of life – the salon is no exception. Let your clientele (and potential clients) know about your sustainability efforts and showcase what you’re doing to be more environmentally efficient.

Eco-conscious clients want to spend their money with businesses who share their values, so taking the time to demonstrate your green initiatives is great for business. 

As you introduce new sustainability practices in your salon, you’ll find many ways to save money – and make money! Going green is a win for the salon, the client, and the enviromnent.

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