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One of the more common ways to price services in salons is all-inclusive pricing: charging the same price for a service regardless of how much color is used or how long your client’s hair is. The problem is that far too often salons will set a price that doesn’t cover what they’re actually doing. It’s time to start charging appropriately!

The key to being successful when using all-inclusive pricing is to monitor all your costs so you’re still guaranteeing the profit margin you need.

For example, if your highlight service actually includes a highlight, bond builder, glaze, and a blowout, take the cost of each of those services (and product used) and add them up – now you’ve got your new highlight pricing.

-Allyson King

Clients have learned to master the low maintenance look – but this doesn’t have to mean less money coming in. Instead of being afraid of how this will impact salon profits, it’s time to embrace it! 

Start by identifying what’s trending in your salon. If balayage is your top service, why not create an in-between service to refresh the glaze?

Do you have a large curly hair clientele? Build a curly hair treatment and styling package designed for between cut services.


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