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The insider tips

What if we told you that there are Vish Color Bar features that you might not be currently using that will not only save you time but make your life easier, too?

Whether you’re looking for ways to improve profits and efficiency or are simply looking to brush up on your Vish knowledge, leverage these six features to make the most of out every interaction at the color bar.

1) Another round

In the season of lightener, you know it’s best to mix small and mix often which makes the Duplicate Formula feature the feature of the summer. This stylist hack was created to quickly mix a fresh for the same formula that you’re using. For example, a colorist is behind the chair and notices that they’re going to need another bowl. It’s a busy day at the salon and an assistant has been tasked to mix more. The assistant simply has to go to the color bar:

  1. Select the three dots to the right of the bowl in use
  2. Select ‘Duplicate Formula’
  3. The color drop loads the formula
  4. Place a new bowl on the scale to start mixing

2) A helping hand

The Assistant Login feature is a capability that helps save time during the application and streamline the color process. Whether an assistant has been tasked with mixing the original color, mixing another bowl, reweighing the bowl, etc. they can easily do so with their unique login credentials.

3) Leave your calculator at home 

Using the same example as above, let’s say you don’t need another full bowl, but just half. Instead of doing all the mental math of the formula ratios, just skip to the good part with the Mix More feature.

  1. Press ‘Total Weight’
  2. Select ‘Mix More’
  3. Tap 50% 
  4. Select ‘Adjust’

Once the color application is complete, make sure to reweigh each bowl used to ensure the formula is refined for the next appointment.

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4) Accidents happen

Accidentally poured too much developer into the bowl, throwing off the proportions of the formula? That’s not a problem for the Auto Suggest feature. Vish automatically detects when too much formula has been poured and will Auto Suggest a new Target Weight for the formula so you can maintain the same proportions across all products. The Auto Suggest button will pop up above the Color Drop.

5) Leave a note for later

The Notes feature was designed to record additional client and formula information. This is another underused feature that when properly utilized can deliver context and lend a helping hand during future appointments. Here’s how to use it to your advantage:

  1. Go to your client’s profile
  2. Click the notes icon next to the Bluetooth icon
  3. Click ‘+’
  4. Type your note as needed

6) Notes with no typing required

Prefer to leave a hands-free note? Simply dictate any note with Siri in the notes section as such:

  1. Go to your client’s profile
  2. Click the notes icon next to the Bluetooth icon
  3. Click ‘+’
  4. Click the speaking icon and dictate your note “Make sure to use color L8 instead of color L7 during the next appointment”

The dictated note will automatically appear written out within the notes section, saved, and ready for the client’s next appointment.

Mix with an upper hand

Gone are the days of mind-bending math and guesswork. Mix and record color with precision, accuracy, and ease.

Have inquiries about these underrated features in Vish or any other color business questions? Visit our Help Center and join our Vish Color Community to uncover tips and tricks, exploring the most efficient ways to use the system.

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