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At Indira Salon Spa, it’s not just a hair appointment, it’s an occasion. The Aveda salon has three locations – Southport and Park Ridge in Illinois, and Green Bay in Wisconsin. Indira first opened in 1998 (Green Bay), with the goal being, “to provide a unique experience for guests, which led to a full service Coffee Bar on the first floor and Salon upstairs,” says owner, Michael Nass.

Since the beginning, Indira has always looked to find ways to keep costs under control without compromising the level of service. And as Aveda salons, Indira is committed to sustainable practices and products. Until trying out Vish, “there wasn’t a system that seemed to work in a sustainable way, that was easy for the teams to maintain or to train new people on.” When Vish was ready to launch, Indira decided to give it a try!

Since using Vish, “the stylist frustration of missing formulas or past color history has disappeared.” According to Indira, Vish’s feature of reculating and eliminating waste after each service helps the stylists work more efficiently and use less product over time. This ensures that they are keeping color costs within an acceptable range to be profitable.

“Seeing the team get excited about meeting their benchmarks for waste and reweigh has become a really exciting part of the Indira Culture. We are all invested in wasting as little color as possible.”

Vish has found that the average waste of salons before they start using Vish is at 25% – 40%. Indira Southport’s overall waste is currently at an amazing 7%, while the Greenbay team is at 11% waste!

For Indira, the analytics Vish provides on employee performance, usage and waste, can be used, “to coach on why stylists shouldn’t be scared to charge what they are worth, helping them feel more like the professionals they are.” The team works to provide a great experience for guests.

Kacy Levy, @kacystyl

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