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Craig Berns Salon, located in Delafield, Wisconsin, aims to offer their clients something they “haven’t been able to find before” – whether that’s hair advice, support, gorgeous color, or high quality hair care. Mary Beth Berns, and her husband Craig Berns, who are both co-owners and stylists at the salon, have owned their salon spa since 1983.  About 5 years after opening, they made the commitment to Aveda. Mary Beth credits Aveda’s forefront thinking and education as an influential part in establishing their salon.


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The team consists of a number of Head Shape Matters certified educators and stylists, with Mary Beth being the Director of Education herself. Using this technique allows the team to ensure that each haircut will be customised, balanced and flattering. 


Their reason for trying Vish comes from a love of being ahead of the curve, whether that means trying new things or teaching new concepts. According to Mary Beth, the team has always had an awareness of reducing waste and understanding what they are charging for, and, “Vish is the natural solution for all of this in today’s world.” 


While waste reduction has been an important focus for the Craig Berns team for quite some time, they’ve seen even more improvements with Vish. Their average waste per service is currently an amazing $0.85. Their typical day at the salon has also improved by, “having all information in one safe place.” 

According to Mary Beth, the most helpful Vish feature is the “ability of Vish itself adjusting a formula mathematically.”  Mary Beth claims that this is “by far the best feature and creates the most savings.” 


Mary Beth assures that learning Vish, “just keeps getting easier and easier and you will save money, which of course is any owner’s favourite thing!” In terms of her staff catching on, “the young stylists that come in and know it right from the beginning will always think this is just the way we do things. ” 

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