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Under-charging for color services has been the norm in the salon industry for far too long. With all the services that aren’t captured, we estimate that the average salon is letting 10-15% of their color service revenue walk out the door without being paid.

How are we letting all this profit walk out the door?

What customers are charged typically depends on stylists recalling the exact services that were performed, determining an appropriate price, often dictated by industry averages, and reporting the details to the front desk.

There are several reasons why this system does not work for the profitability of your salon. Human error is a problem every salon faces; stylists may be forgetful, in a rush, or may struggle with the financial aspect of their client relationships. By automating the process of communicating to the front desk, and charging based on costs, you remove the burden from your stylist – ultimately removing human error, and capturing all of the services rendered in your salon.

Here’s how Vish can help:

Using the information collected by the Color Bar, Vish automatically communicates to the Front Desk – leaving no room for human error. Stylists no longer need to be writing notes on formulas as they go; instead, a detailed ticket is created with the service and any add-ons, measured with accuracy (to the tenth of a gram).

With this information, the front desk is able to price all services accurately, based on stylist experience levels and baseline weight of color. By pricing based on product usage instead of industry averages, clients with thick hair are charged more, while those with short, thin hair are charged only for what they use – leaving clients happy and more likely to return (but we’ll touch on this in our next blog post)

By eliminating human error and charging based on product usage, Vish lets you recover revenue you didn’t know was missing.

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