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Simon Hall of Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon Saves the Most in Color


Simon Hall of Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon in London knows a thing or two about the importance of sustainability to the salon business. As the top Waste Warrior in the U.K., he’s environmentally conscious and keeps waste management at the forefront of his practice, valuing its importance to his clients and the salon where he works.

In its inaugural year, the new Waste Warriors Awards are highlighting the best of the best in color waste management. Awarding both the salon and individual hairdressers who maintain a sustainable practice by keeping a consistently low cost per service, resulting in limited waste in the salon. Waste Warriors such as Simon are recognized for their continued commitment to the planet by cutting color waste in a big way.

Simon has worked at Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair for 14 years and has seen many changes take place in the industry, and the salon, over the past decade, including the transition to becoming sustainable. Today, that idea is at the top of everyone’s mind.

Becoming the Top Waste Warrior

Simon came out on top by focusing on what was best for the salon, his clients, and knowing that managing color costs benefits the business and the planet. Using Vish, Simon has a cost per service of just $4.35, down 27% from where he began. 

Tracking each mix was an easy transition for Simon, and created a ripple of benefits across the salon. Knowing precisely what each service used, down to a tenth of a gram, Simon was able to focus on his client, and let the system take care of the rest. Vish allows the salon owner to set product thresholds, allowing a specified amount of $4.35 to be dispensed per service before triggering incremental charges. This helped Simon focus on the service and relieved the pressure of a blanket charge for a second bowl as the client only gets charged for what is actually used. Simon did this so well, he became the top color-conscious stylist in the UK.

Bringing Color Management, Sustainability, and Profit Full Circle


Simon is both a stylist and makeup artist with experience including fashion week, editorial work, and brand education. His experience certainly lends itself to precision when it comes to conserving color, but it’s his passion for his team and his clients that solidified his ranking in the 2021 Waste Warriors Awards. 

Simon focuses on his clients and the overall well-being of the salon, and with that, waste management comes easily. He sets the example that even if you’re not always an active eco-warrior, you can still do your part for the planet, bringing color management, sustainability, and profit full circle. In just 6 months using the system, Simon’s dedication to increasing his reweigh percentage from 74% to 97% led to an astounding 88% cut to his waste per service from $1.54 per service to just $0.18.

How They Are Being Sustainable


For Simon and the rest of the team at Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon, caring for our planet is never finished. They aim for ‘green’ in every aspect of their business, including using exclusively organic products, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, avoiding single-use plastics, and recently partnering with a recycling program to ensure any waste is disposed of properly.

And to make things even sweeter, Simon’s two colleagues Karine Jackson and Alexia Legrand can also claim the honor of being at the forefront of color waste management. They, along with their salon, have set the bar in sustainable salon practices and what it means to be Waste Warriors. 


Learn more about this year’s Waste Warriors and how you can become one yourself.

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