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The life of a stylist is a busy one. Juggling clients, appointment requests, formula ideation, getting back to their spouse about dinner plans, reminding themselves to eat lunch, and…breath. Throughout a busy day, some may wish for a duplicate of themself to help get it all done. 

Another you might not be possible, but Vish Front Desk will help you be in two places at once. Here’s how Vish Front Desk can save stylists time throughout a busy day. 

Capture Services Charges

Have you ever been wrapping up one guest at your station, only to look up to see your next guest coming in? We all know that’s a recipe for skipping your notes along with your bathroom break, which is why the Vish Front Desk app was designed. The desktop app is automatically updated at the front desk based on the mix back at the color bar, which means stylists can skip the note taking altogether. No more formula notes. No more updates to the ticket in between clients.

Vish Front Desk automates the whole process, removing the burden from the stylist and giving the front desk team all the info they need. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that any service charge is going to be captured and paid. 


The average salon lets 10-15% of their color service revenue walk out the door due to changes made while in the chair.


Charge For Additional Treatments

One of the best things about going to a professional is they know their stuff. Client’s aren’t always going to be accurate with what they book – online or otherwise – which means there is a good chance the service they booked isn’t the exact service they received. Whether it’s an added toner they didn’t know they needed or an extra bond builder because they wanted to go lighter. This leads to missed revenue and issues with inventory down the line. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to have guidelines and rules set by the owner that the stylists can mix by and the front desk can review when they update the final ticket. So when a regrowth goes over the set amount, it either triggers a charge for the excess color or alerts the front desk that it’s no longer a regrowth but an all over color. Again, all automatically based on agreed rules.


Enjoy Your Happy Customers

No matter how you decide to set your service pricing, the beauty of the Vish Front Desk app is that it follows the rules set by you, the owner, and protects the profit you rely on. And the accuracy of the charges reflected at the front desk are to the tenth of a gram, allowing clients to relax knowing they’re not being overcharged for a service but actually being fairly treated with some frankly impressive technology. Happy clients mean returning clients – and that’s good for business. 

Vish Front Desk is easy to integrate into your salon, running on top of your point of sale system like a virtual ticket. There is no additional charge for using Vish Front Desk alongside your Vish subscription, so now is the time to get setup and claim your hard earned revenue. 

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