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Mastering Color Management: Luscious & Co

As costs in the salon continue to rise, owners and decision-makers are seeking solutions to promote profitability. Learn how Jess and Liz Arrindell, owners of two Luscious & Co salon locations in Connecticut leverage Vish’s 3 Rules of Color Management to maximize salon their salon’s profits

Download the case study and unlock key industry insights on how they:

  • Implemented responsive pricing for profit
  • Focused on margins to yield a profit on every bowl of color mixed
  • Unlocked new revenue to reinvest in the team and improve employee retention
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“Right now, our margins through Vish are set to 45%. They will probably stay that way for quite some time. It covers not only the cost of reinvesting in supplies but also a buffer to ensure we can respond to whatever the business needs at any time. For example, launching benefits was an obvious big win for us.”

Liz Arrindell

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