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Eliminating salon waste is an integral part of the ethos at Vish. So, we looked into how much color is wasted across salons in North America. Brace yourself…you might be shocked by just how much color and money are going down the drain.

15 million pounds of hair color is wasted every year

It’s no secret that waste occurs in every salon. A half bowl of color here to half a bowl of lightener there and the waste quickly adds up! When translating those numbers into dollar figures, the average waste per service is $1.44. Now think about how many clients you serve in a week, month, and year and it becomes apparent just how significant those waste costs are. The average salon could increase its profitability by $17,280 per year if waste was eliminated.

Two of every five color tubes are wasted

In any given salon, wasted professional stock averages 25-40%. With Vish, salons are cutting that waste upwards of 80%, cutting their professional purchases as a result. When you’re able to quantify the opportunity cost of color waste, the decision to implement sustainable practices is a no-brainer.

The most efficient stylists are mixing $2.12 of color per service

Some of the most efficient stylists in North America have managed to bring their color costs down to $2.12 per service thanks to Vish. Vish’s intelligent software helps control salon waste from the beginning. Using the reweigh feature, Vish refines all your client’s formulas once the service is complete so when they come back for their next appointment you’ll know how much product you need to dispense, giving your clients the same amazing results without waste.When your color waste drops, so will your color costs. Taking control of your business starts here.

Eliminate your waste

What efforts do you currently have in place to promote sustainability and protect the planet? Protect the planet and your profits by partnering with the leading industry expert in color management.

Learn more about how much we really waste below!

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