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Cynthia Alex is a Master Designer and has been the sole owner at Keema for the past 5 years. Cynthia and her team have been integral by working with the Vish team to enhance the usability of Vish. That’s why it’s especially great to hear Cynthia say that, “the Vish team is always super helpful, and always available to chat, no matter what they have going on. They were very receptive to feedback from us, and were willing to make adjustments to the software based on our experiences in the salon.”

The Keema Team

Keema’s reason for trying out Vish? An interest in saving money and reducing waste. Keema has been focused on continuous innovation in the hair and beauty industry. The Keema team considers it their responsibility to stay in touch with the latest technologies and newest trends in haircutting and coloring – every season, every year.

Cynthia adds that, “with Vish, I know exactly how much to mix”. Using Vish at Keema ensures that all of their color clients are organized and ready to be mixed when they come in. “The most helpful feature of Vish so far has been the precision it allows for mixing custom formulas.”

They’ve also seen the improvements in waste reduction that they had been anticipating: “our waste reduction numbers were pretty decent prior to Vish, but now they’re even lower, meaning that not only is there less waste, but I’m saving money!”

The Numbers:

  • Keema’s overall waste is currently at 9%, which is an amazing figure! Vish has found that the average waste of salons before they start using Vish is at 25% – 40%. Keema even has three team members at 6% waste.
  • Their average waste per service is an excellent $0.46/service, and Cynthia herself is the lowest in the Vish Network at $0.26/service!

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