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How Karine Jackson Protects the Planet and Her Profitability

Karine Jackson founder and owner of Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon in Covent Garden, London, is always thinking of ways to be sustainable. Her salon, which she’s owned for 17 years, is completely sustainability-focused.

Karine and her salon are known in sustainability circles across the world. An eco-warrior in her own right, she’s made many notable waste-saving achievements, including becoming one of Vish’s 2021 Waste Warrior winners, along with two of her salon’s stylists.

How Did She Do It?

Karine Jackson, Owner of Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty Salon

Karine Jackson, Owner of Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty Salon

Karine’s journey to sustainability began 15 years ago when she began looking into using less harmful, healthier products for her salon at the request of a client. Her client was going through cancer and needed to be more mindful about what she was exposed to. That got Karine thinking: How did this impact her other clients, and the rest of the planet? Her research led her toward socially responsible and eco-friendly products, from companies with a sustainable business model focused on the environment.

Fast forward almost two decades, and Karine and her team have changed the way they operate to focus wholly on sustainability. Thought goes into every element of the salon, from the products they use, to how products are packaged, where ingredients are sourced, and how much waste they produce.

Karine and her team were already waste-savvy before they began working with Vish. It cast a shadow of doubt on whether Vish could truly help a salon already monitoring waste. Within one client cycle, Vish data showed they had cut their waste by 55%. Karine was overjoyed and incredibly motivated by the results. Karine’s top stylist, Simon Hall, says part of being more sustainable is having the knowledge.

“Vish is helping us to be sustainable because it stops you from using too much colour… it stops you from putting so much rubbish down the sink or in the bin because you know what you’re using.”

By tracking colour use and allowing our users to see their waste and track their habits, Vish not only cuts back on waste, but it shifts the way we think about colour use and waste.

Why does she do it?

Karine is able to make her business environmentally and financially sustainable by cutting colour waste, but for her, it’s about the bigger picture. Her ultimate goal is sustainability and changing the way we think about our industry and the environment.

“I believe we can make a change,” Karine said. “We can spread the message within our industry – small steps to big change.”

Read more about Karine’s journey and her salon metrics here or book a demo to learn more about Vish.

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