Abovetek Tablet Stand


Industry leading tablet stand with a sturdy base and minimal look to create streamlined station where your high-tech business is on display while you formulate your color. Compatible with Android or Apple iPad tablets and in both portrait and landscape orientation, it’s no wonder why it’s the top choice for any fast-paced business.

(*Tablet not included)

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Broad Application

Ideal Reception & Kiosk POS Solution in Retail/Hospitality/Entertainment/Education industries that allows you to type, press, view, swivel with great stability. Confidently interact with customers at restaurant, check out at register, collaborate in group meeting at office, present products or services at showroom, and many more

Highly Flexible

360° rotatable tablet bracket holder combined with 220° folding range offer unparalleled adjustment for typing or showcasing without missing any viewing angles. Flip display in a second between cashier and shopper or switch landscape/portrait mode instantly

Steady Support

Sturdy and heavy base ensures wobble-free structure and great stability while the light and smooth turning of bracket holder/arm enables high efficiency in busy settings. Rubber padding on both bracket holder & base give strong protection on your device for best professional presentation

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