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Formula Tracking

The intuitive formula builder was designed to save you time and dreaded admin.

  • Plan Ahead™ lets you ideate on your phone and save for later.
  • Easily find each color line and product with the formula builder.
  • Choose from preset amounts, or customize.
  • Easily add products and treatments your client needs in the moment.
  • Add multiple bowls for complex services.
How It Works

Vish’s Bluetooth scale gives you ultimate control of your mix.

  • Add each product based on your prescribed formula. 
  • Suggested ratio for developers for easy math.
  • Rebalance feature for accidental overages.
How It Works

Packed with features built for the busy stylist.

  • Assistant login so your team can jump in to help on busy days.
  • Easily mix more with % calculator, ensuring your formula is perfectly the same when you need a bit more.
  • Mix from history allows quick selection of winning formulas.
How It Works

The perfect mix, at your fingertips.