Introducing Vish + Meevo

Vish is the industry’s leading color management system. The Vish app and intelligent Bluetooth scale connect to Meevo, capturing all service and product charges, client formulas, appointment details, and more.

Maximize your salon’s potential – Get Vish.


Vish provides in-depth analytics on staff performance, color service profitability, and real-time inventory reporting. Vish was designed by colorists and salon owners to measure color accurately, eliminate color waste, reduce inventory costs, and control pricing.

Benefits of Vish
Celebrate the Craft of Color

Record Formulas

Vish automatically records all formulas utilizing a premium Bluetooth scale. Weigh your product and skip the pen and paper. It's already logged!

Reweigh to Refine Your Formula

Once you complete the service, weigh what is left and Vish automatically updates the formula for a precise color cocktail.

Charges Added at Checkout

Vish has the largest library of integrations, sending the product amounts to the point of sale so product charges get added automatically to the ticket.

Track Performance

The Vish Dashboard gives insight into company-wide usage, waste, profitability, and performance. Nothing is as motivating as seeing where you rank!

Price Services Accurately

Gone are the days where salons should absorb product costs and erode the profitability of their services. Charge customers exactly what gets used and control costs.

Accurate Inventory Forecasts

Not only can we guarantee your supply costs will go down, but Vish also makes it easy to precisely forecast your inventory needs.
Nadia Duncan  photo
“With Vish and Meevo there are no more paper trails! It is so wonderful knowing that when you enter your existing client’s name, not only will their formula show up, but also the correct amount of color to use for their head. As an owner I love how much waste we save!”

Nadia Duncan