The Power of Vish
Simple Systems
Build Powerful Profits

Vish is a powerful, yet simple and intuitive, system that captures information using a Bluetooth enabled scale connected to the Vish Colour Bar app. Information is communicated to both the Vish Front Desk app for a smooth and seamless checkout and the Vish Dashboard for analysis. Clever, isn’t it?

Technology should never be a roadblock in a salon, it should only ever enhance the experience.

Vish Colour Bar
It All Starts At
The Colour Bar

Measure Out Your Colour

Select your client from the Vish app and measure your colour. The app never tells you what to do - your creativity takes the lead and Vish does all the paperwork (so-to-speak).

Bring the Bowl Back

When finished, bring your colour bowl back to weigh any colour left over or simply show it's empty. This simple act refines the formula and sends final data to the front desk for checkout.

Ease & Simplicity

Stylists using Vish love that they never have to hover at the front desk and can manage their work from the Colour Bar app. Store favorites and automatically track their history without ever picking up a pen.
Vish Front Desk
Keep Front Desk
In The Know

Set Your Own Policies

Vish is incredibly flexible, allowing you to set thresholds for colour product allowances or choose to charge separately for product used during the service. These settings automate the calculations during the checkout process.

Precision Counts

At the completion of their service, exact amounts are sent from Vish Colour Bar to Vish Front Desk. Never guess or charge arbitrary amounts.

Integrated with POS

Vish is the only colour management system that integrates with the leading point of sale systems, making things run smoothly without managing multiple databases.
Simplicity & Ease
Working Seamlessly in the Salon
Drives Powerful Analytics in the Office

Salon Owners are loving the fact that their team love Vish. Oh, yeah, the analytics are great, too.

Vish Dashboard
Colour Analytics
Never Before Possible

Track Product Usage

Drill down and review product used during different services and identify waste and loss.

Understand Profit Margins

Chances are you don't have a standard profit margin across all services due to inconsistent product usage. Refine your pricing and waste management to safeguard your profitability.

Capture Lost Revenue

It's a fact that not all things are charged, which we believe diminishes the value of the service you offer! It's often not intentional, so Vish helps you automate those charges and stay in control.
Guarantee Your Profit
Put the Power
Back in Your Hands

You’ll be amazed how quickly Vish pays for itself. You’ll instantly see a 5-10% uplift in revenue within the first client cycle and by the time you hit the second client visit you’ll be able to see a reduction in product use creating a higher profit margin across all colour service categories. The ongoing learnings that come with Vish continue to pay dividends through insightful data and analytics all based on an easy to use system.

Colour Profit Calculator
Calculate Your Potential
Revenue With Vish

See what simple systems coupled with powerful analytics can do for your colour revenue, product waste and lost revenue.